Women on the Move
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Event Photos

Sylvia Ortiz and Gloria Steinem by Melissa Ortiz

Thank you to all participants who are sending in photos! Please continue to do so and we'll post them here! Also, please see the pages 
Who Came and Why and Story Behind the Photo for more wonderful contributions of messages and photos from the women who were at Houston!

Peggy Kaplan, Amy Simon, Sylvia Ortiz, and Michelle Cearcy by Robin Gallgher

Melissa Ortiz and Melba Tolliver

Diana Mara Henry and Amy Simon by Robin Gallagher

The U Mass Amherst Students who came to film and write: Katie-Rose De Candia, Communications, and Samantha Davis, Political Science,
with Gloria Steinem, photo by Melissa Ortiz

GLoria and Kezia, by Amy Simon, and finally, a shot of the exhibit....!

Lucy Komisar and Amy Simon by Robin Gallagher

Gloria Steinem, Rita Elway Brogan, Amy Simon and Carmen Delgado Votaw by Robin Gallagher.
Stay tuned for a link to an exciting article by Rita Brogan!
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