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In preparation for the placing of the Diana Mara Henry photo archive of approximately 100,000 images and related wealth of memorabilia, ephemera and documentation of the liberal personalities and events she photographed in the last third of the 20th century, herewith the beginnings of some tributes over the years to her activities...


In 2000, The University of Texas, Library of American History, was ready to accession all of DMH works.

It was an honor.


On Nov 19, 2005, at 12:53 PM, Joyce Follet wrote:

Dear Diana,

What important work
you've done in documenting women's activism, and it's wonderful that
you are committed to seeing that it is preserved and available for
future generations.


Joyce Follet
Coordinator of Collection Development
Sophia Smith Collection
Neilson Library
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

This page about her photography. Another page about Diana Mara Henry's related or other activities....

On 3/5/12, Grant Hayter-Menzies wrote:
Dear Ms. Henry,

I am writing a biography of Lillian Carter, with the cooperation and
assistance of Jimmy Carter and his family. I have long admired the
photographs you shot of Lillian the night of the 1976 election. They are
among the most sensitive portraits of Lillian anyone ever captured. ...

....and to see the sites you attached. Any of these stories would be a biographer/historian's dream project - which, as you can imagine, Lillian's biography is to me.

(At the train station, Plains, GA, Election night, 1976 - Ms. Lillian hears her son will be President)

"I've seen your photographs of election night in various publications over the years; finding your web site gave me a window not just into the events of that night but into your experience of them. I would love to hear what it was like, from the perspective of a woman and an artist who captured those insights into Lillian at such a critical time in her long life."

Jane De Hart and Linda Kerber's Women's America, published by Oxford University Press, in its first edition with DMh photo on the cover, has gone through 6 editions, each with DMH photo. Thank you, friends!


Dear Diana, A Voice from the past. Thanks for the email and the memories flooding back from those days.

My exhibition and book "Recollections: Ten Women of Photography" was really a huge effort and one that brought the presence of some women photographers back into the history of photography Those ten women were not really in the history in the way they deserved and I was called to make them more visible. The book is out of print so it is now hard again for people to remember. Not all that easy being a "pioneer" in a movement. My deep friendship with Nell Dorr was the reason why I learned about that generation of women. She was a great inspiration to me when I was young.

Nell Dorr

I think you have been a proud witness to the women's movement and I hope you will find a good archive where you can place your body of work someday. Anyway I would love to see what you recorded of the 1979 show at ICP. It was a wonderful moment for me, bringing all those fine women photographers into the spotlight. Warm Good Wishes,Gretta []


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Via was a big part of my life at the ICP, since she hired me to work in
the education program, and she was the first person I saw spotting prints,
one of David Seymour's! I was amazed!-( DMH to Edward Earle)

On Jan 10, 2014, at 11:09 AM, Edward Earle wrote:

"Hi Diana,
Thanks so much for your hard work at midnight! In addition to the links
youprovided I have spent some time on the UMass site to just explore. It is a
fascinating walk through a time when politics and the arts were all
struggling for new definitions. Given the nature of a database we can go
from the aspirations of people for their beloved pets at a cat show to
political confrontations and new hope during the McGovern campaign. It was
wonderful to see such sustaining people like a young Sen. Mikulski. The
wayyou included the distracted women at a round table as the model stalks
pastat Fashion Week was wonderful. It was also great to see that spirit of
recycling with your photograph of Via Wynroth checking out the baby

Via Wynroth signing her book The Looking Glass at Diana Mara Henry's 1160 Fith Avenue apartment, NYC, 1978.

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