DMH Spotlight Election night, Plains, GA 1976. Billy Carter, Ms. Lillian and Jimmy Back

Good ole boys hanging out at the polling place, Election Day, 1976....See the full list of Diana Mara Henry's photographs of Plains GA online at U Mass Amherst:

This is the tip of the iceberg, hundreds of photographs of Jimmy Carter and Plains, GA are in the Diana Mara Henry 20th Century Photographer Special Collection....



Listening to election returns on the platform of the train depot, Ms. Lillian tracks, then savors the prospects as DMH waits with her.

Then,her son Jimmy Carter was declared the winner, and she pulled the newsfeed earpiece from her ear.

The white house cake had been prepared; friends pulled off their wraps and revealed their Jimmy Won! teeshirts.

Miss Lillian hugs her other son, Billy...

it was all about Jimmy Carter, the day after his election, basking in Plains, Georgia, then applauded by faithful Ms. Lillian.

Back at the train depot, Ms. Lillian finally got tired of the congratulatory calls.

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Received this interesting recap from the young man in the photo: "I was drum major of the marching band at nearby Americus High School. We had played all summer at campaign rallies, and were playing election night any time they wanted. When it became apparent that Jimmy had won and was returning to Plains, someone sent me a pass to the platform and asked me to come up there and play the piano for the crowd to sing "God Bless America" when he arrived. Since I didn't have any sheet music, your photo caught me figuring out how to play it by ear. Of course, the crowd was so excited we never sang the song...." Terre Johnson, 7/12/2015


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Terre is also in the photo below, standing at right behind the TVs.

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The facade of a Plains eatery in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter's birthplace.


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A line up of telephones after victory for the Carter campaign in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter's hometown.

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Plains, Georgia telephone directory open on counter showing all listings during 1976 on a page and a half.

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Workers at worm beds owned by Hugh Carter, cousin of President Jimmy Carter. in Plains, Georgia.


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Messages of support pouring into telex machines at election headquarters in Plains, Georgia,

Jimmy Carter's hometown, on election night.



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Kudzu vines taking over a house in Plains, Georgia.


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A fountain in Plains, Georgia, birthplace of Jimmy Carter.


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A Jimmy Carter supporter kneels to arrange a bouquet of flowers

in front of a wall of Carter for President campaign posters in the old train station in Plains, Georgia.

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Sign reading "Senator Hugh Carter, Jimmy's 1st cousin, or Mr. Alton Carter, Jimmy's uncle, will be happy to autograph one of these books for you if you want a souvenir." Books available in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter's hometown, during 1976 presidential campaign.

Also seen at the polling place on election day in Plains, GA, 1976:


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A kudzu vine spilling out of a window of a building in Plains Georgia



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