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Brian Gormley, Diana Mara Henry, Kim Keever, Noel Mapstead at Peggy Doyle's.

Danceteria exhibition produced by Steven Lewis with Marguerite Van Cook and Arnold Wechsler, curated by Steven Kaplan, Willoughby sharp, Ann Shostrom, Carlo McCormick...please be in touch to let us know where you are! Email us now!                   or call 802-334-7054                           Back to Home!

Danceteria Bayou Bash, September 13,1984, Produced by Steven Lewis, Associate Producers include James Romberger, Marguerite Van Cook, Arnold Wechsler, "On-the-Spot Masquerade painting by Noël Mapstead"

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See another ( Caution: obscene ) mural below


Noel Oard Mapstead painting his "On-the-Spot Mural" at Danceteria, September 13, 1984

"The conjuncture of these forces and conditions has produced an Art Scene in the East Village that now exists on a world-historical level. Today, the East Village is reported in the press from the art periodicals to the national newsmagazines. Gallery openings spill onto the sidewalks, crowds jam the shows at the nightclubs, art business is brisk. In the future, this will be recorded in the Art History books.

The East Village Art Schene is Art History in the Making, Produced by Steven Lewis with Marguerite Van Cook, Arnold Wechsler and James Romberger. "


Caution: obscene artwork follows.

All photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry 1984
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