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Tributes for Diana Mara Henry from Gloria Steinem, Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, Carmen Delgado Votaw, Melba Tolliver:

Skip the intro about the Diana Mara Henry Collection and the 1:30 intro by Scott Stringer to get to Gloria Steinem at 2:18 : "Listening to Diana you can see the inclusive, careful, thoughtful, humane spirit, that makes the photographs as universal as they are. A different person would have produced a much more limited record.To walk up and down these halls [of her exhibit of her official photographs of the First National Women's Conference]….is sort of like a really good version of the moment just before you die…". Listen to Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman at 9:10 "You may see in her book a photo that she took on the Brooklyn Bridge which was my campaign photo in 1972 that helped to elect me. It shows what a great photographer she is. It wasn't inclusive, Gloria, it was just me and the Brooklyn Bridge, but it was a terrific photo. So thanks, Diana"; at 12:12 Diana Mara Henry introduces the three torch bearers Sylvia Ortiz, Peggy Kokernot Kaplan and Michelle Cearcy, and at 13:30 they start to speak; at 15:49 Carmen Delgado Votaw says: "1977 was historic. It was fun! It was a challenge. I taught out nation that women meant business; and at 16:25 Melba Tolliver delivers a very touching tribute: Thank you Diana for holding this precious gift."


The Archive of Social Change at the Du Bois Library as described by its Director with images by Diana Mara Henry:

At 1:30, "All people are created equal", 1976 demonstrators for the ERA, an image also used in the permanent exihibit, "Legacies" at the Civil War Museum in Historic Tredegar, VA; at 1:56, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstration on Boston Common, 1970; at 2:01 "Granny's against War," demonstration on Boston Common, 1970; at 2:19, "Every Child Deserves to be Wanted" ERA march on Fifth Avenue with Lee (later Rabbi Leah) Novick at left and Karen de Crow, President of N.O.W. with sash at right; and at 2:55, hospital workers on strike, outside Madison Square Garden at the time of the Democratic National Convention held there, 1976.

The first of four short videos about the Diana Mara Henry Special Collection at U Mass Amherst's Du Bois Library. DMH talks about her most published photograph (above), the three torch bearers at its center and her photograph of the three first ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford and Rosalynn Carter, and Bella Abzug.

Diana Mara Henry talks about her photographs of women waving their bras "ERA Yes!"; of Jean Westwood "Another Mormon for the ERA,"  chair of the Democratic National Committee, speaking, with Coretta Scott King listening; of Susan B. Anthony calling the question on the ERA in the second of four short videosabout the Diana Mara Henry Special Collection at U Mass Amherst's Du Bois Library

In the third of four short videos, Diana Mara Henry talks about her photographs of Gloria Steinem and Baby ERA; Bella Abzug; Barbara Jordan delivering the keynote address at the First National Women's Conference, Houston, 1977; and Diana Mara Henry's campaign to honor the women leaders of the 1970's as portrayed in her photographs with US postage stamps.?

In the fourth video produced by Carol Connare at the Du Bois LIbrary U Mass Amherst, Diana Mara Henry shares her photographs of Susan B. Anthony; Rita Elway, GLoria Steinem, Lucy Komisar and Liz Carpenter, at the iIrst National Women's Conference, Houston, 1977, the only federally-funded conference to date for, by and about women, voted into existence by President Gerald Ford; Pat Kery with the scroll of Maya Angelou's statement "To Form a More Perfect Union" being signed by Jill Ruckleshaus with Peggy Kokernot Kaplan; and other of her photographs of the vast Albert Thomas Convention Hall and Ann Saulnier at the podium.


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Now,let's get real! Saving the best for last....First video of Diana Mara Henry by Gail Epps, for her final project in "Images of Women in Western Civilization" taught by Phyllis Peet. DMH tells it like it is, from the Vilage Voice and Fred McDarrah's empty promises. Skip the nude, start at 1:30 for a tour of her "shack in the back," Diana Mara Henry's studio at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, CA; see how she organized and worked during this long phase of exhibiting and publishing her work. At 2:48 Sam Colburn in his shack in Asilomar, at 3:05 the Renaissance Fair snake handler, at 3:20 election night in Plains, GA, at 3:40 Malcolm Forbes at his castle in Normandy, at 4:05 the Women's Pentagon Action, at 5:00 the Three first ladies and Bella, Lily Tomlin, Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug, at 5:35 the three torch bearers in Houston for the First National Women's Conference, at 6:50 the Ballets Trockadero, at 7:30 an heiress smoking a cigar at the 21 Club, at 8:20 Fran Lebowitz holding the book "Smut" over her crotch, at 8:40 another heiress dancing at the 21 Club, at 9:10 the McGovern campaign, at 10:00 Deanne Stillman and Ann Beatts and at 10:40 Larry Rivers plays the sax at his opening at the Jewish Museum,  and at 11:05 Shirley Chisolm at the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, at 12:10 Bella Abzug posters and at 12:40 the First National Women's Conference, Houston, 1977: ERA yes, women waving bras, Coretta Scott King, NASA booth - "Picture yourself as an Astronaut", Barbara Jordan, C. Delores Tucker; 14:40 obedient cat, sperm assay from a stallion at the French National Stud farm at Pompadour, ends with "Keep 'em in the closet…."    Email us now!

Diana Mara Henry invited to speak at Google headquarters, December 6, 2013. Photograph by William Tyler, her host, of DMH with Barbara Mapstead Livanos and Fred Kittler at Google's Mountainview campus after the talk. Videos of the talk made by Bill Tyler:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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