DMH Spotlight - Linda Garcia Merchant Sisterhood Salon Houston 2017 Back

Diana Mara Henry photographing in 1977 as official photographer at the First National Women's Conference, Houston, seen from the back at left. Excellent video reportage on the conference, besides!


CLICK HERE to watch the video


Thank you, Tomeka Weatherspoon (wearing a scarf), Shannon Harrison (holding the camera)and Mike Britt!

Contact: Linda Garcia Merchant,
Graduate Instructor and Ph.D. Student
Chicana/Latina Literature, Digital Humanities, Department of English
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities DSI Fellow 2017
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Chair & Founding Member, National Advisory Board, Chicana Por Mi Raza Digital Memory Collective
Digital Media Partner, Somos Latinas Oral History Project, University of Wisconsin Madison
Chicana Chicago/MAPBW Collection Project, University of Illinois Chicago
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