DMH Spotlight - DMH  photos appear on Gloria Steinem's website...Demonstration in 1974 at the NY Times for the use of the term Ms....NY Times adopts use of the term in 1986. Back

Quite the honor!

Three photos of the demonstration at the NY Times in 1974 for the use of the term MS showed up on the Gloria Steinem photo blog. Please be sure to request permission before using any images by Diana Mara Henry...Your request will receive prompt consideration! Many thanks....

Thanks to Jan Levy for sending me the above clipping, 25 years ago....

"I remember the day when the Times jumped into the 20th Century. I was Director of Public Relations of the NY County Lawyers' Association. I posted the clip in my file cabinet. And I mentally cheered the women who held the white male editorial feet to the fire and finally shamed them into a side step into equality."-Jan Levy 6/16/11



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