DMH Spotlight -First National Women's Conference: Government Documents Back

From a publication of the NY State Governor's Women's Division, a spread of photographs by Diana Mara Henry of the NY State Women's Meeting at the Empire STate Plaza in Albany, NY which took place during the summer preceding the First National WOmen's Conference. State meetings were held in all the states and territories to elect delegates and vote on planks on the major issues. DMH also organized the photography exhibits at the Albany meeting, including an exhibit of the work of Alice Austen (whose historic house on Staten Island she helped save and turn into a museum) and a juried slide show of the work of 70 Women Photographers of NY State. This composite also includes some of the DMH photos of the Conference intself, such as that of Coretta Scott King, the first ladies, the young girl wearing an ERA tag, and the four photographs at bottom, left to right: celebrating the passage of a plank, the end-of-conference celebration, the welfare rights women celebrating the passage of their plank, and Susan B. Anthony calling the question on the ERA. The dancer is from the Ballet Hispanico, the speaker Mary Burke Nicholas, Director of the Women's Division.

Delegates listed on this page include Carol Bellamy, Angela Cabrera, Karen DeCrow, Claire Shulman, Frances T. "Sissy" Farenthold, Brenda Fasteau, Betty Friedan, Elinor Guggenheimer, photographs of whom are in the Diana Mara Henry photographic archives.

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