DMH Spotlight - Women's Liberation panel: "Capturing the Moment" Back

[invitation used as is - sic- in the program]


Thank you, Dori Jacobsen-Wenzel, for the nice photograph of Linda Garcia Merchant and Diana Mara Henry!


Linda writes:

" thank you a million times for this picture, and for telling Jo Freeman about us being in Boston with our moms. You two are one of the reasons I thought being a photographer was possible for my own life. I remember seeing you all, in Houston, doing your jobs.
Thank you for that, and for this."


Linda Garcia Merchant,
Technical Director, Chicana Por Mi Raza
Digital Media Partner, Somos Latinas Oral History Project
Producer, Voces Primeras

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Jo Freeman and Diana Mara Henry at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for scholars, exhibit of photographs of the First National Women's Conference, co-sponsored by the Museum of Women's History, 2011


Check out the special collection of Diana Mara Henry's photography and papers

at the Du Bois Library, U Mass Amherst


Boston University College of Arts and Sciences Room 211

725 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

Friday March 28 from 3:40-5:00 PM. Room accessible at 3.

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