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This was the end of the Leicaflex era. The first one had been stolen at the edge of Canyon de Chelley, in 1970, by native boys who took off zigzagging down the cliff, sporting the entire camera bag on their shoulders. The next system Diana Mara Henry used throughout the rest of her career were two Canon F1s, beautiful workers, with occasional contributions from the Hasselblad super-wide C, the Olympus Pen half-frame, the Widelux panorama, a Graflex 4x5, and an 8x10, and a Polaroid among others.

The equipment was prbably fenced at a nearby pizza parlor. DMH was never called and the case was probably never prosecuted, despite the trail that led from the camera repair store where the camera had been brought for a tuneup. The police never returned the camera either. Ah, the magic of the government-organized crime complex....Prove me wrong! Return my camera now!      Back to DMH Home        Email us now!

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