The last scenes and about 15 minutes of this 1968 feature film were shot at Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. In those scenes, Marlon Brando, playing a Nazi, is shown stumbling around the camp and through the woods, eventually being shot and expiring face down in a puddle. The context of the camp, at the end of the war, emptied of all but a few remaining guards and befuddled defeated soldiers, is probably realistic of the situation at Natzweiler, where all prisoners were removed to Dachau in late August/early September, 1944, in front of the advance of the Allied forces. Then, for a few weeks, the fleeing French Fascist high command and society occupied the camp as a grisly retreat center before removing themselves to Germany until the end of the war.

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From Wikipedia: "The Young Lions was a novel by Irwin Shaw and a 1958 film based upon the book starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean Martin.

Set during World War II, the story involves a Nazi (Brando) and two friends in the U.S. Army (Clift and Martin). The film, a smashing box-office success, was the key to Martin's huge comeback in the wake of his split with partner Jerry Lewis. Tony Randall originally had Martin's role but talent agency MCA insisted that Martin replace Randall, since with Martin they'd have a quadruple threat: night clubs, recordings, television, and movies.

The agency understood that whoever played Randall's role of Michael Whiteacre opposite Brando and Clift, the 1950s' two most intriguing movie actors, would be in a completely different position from that time forward, and they were right.

This was the only movie that Brando and Clift made together. It was produced by Al Lichtman and was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Film in 1959."