In June, August,September and October 1984, Diana Mara Henry frequented the Lower East Side Gallery openings. Please email us if you recognize the folks in these photos. Scans of image (for personal display only and not for reproduction publication or distribution) will be sent in thanks for photo id's. And see collection of ephemera here! All photographs Copyright © 1977 Diana Mara Henry /
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Roll #12: 1984 See some of the enlargements, below, and please email us with the ids!
Peter Grass; Planetella; Diane Viera; Rick Proll; Dee Dee Chapin; Robert Parker; Magda Dajani; Bernd Naber; Rodney Alan Greenblatt; Gerard Liddle; Doron Golan

Roll 12, above:
Top row, far left :Bernd Naber and Magda Dajani; next frame: Robert PArker and Dee Dee Chapin, co-owners of gallery; next frames: Robetr Parker and Doron Golan

"Israeli artist who later had a pasta restaurant on 1st between 7th and 8th." - Florian Michel. Thank you! The history lives through your memories! Please chime in!
Top row: Steven Style with baseball cap, bow tie with DD Chapin.
Second row from top, far left: Noel Oard Mapstead and Peter Grass.
Second row, second from left: Planetella, left
Second row, second from right: Rick Prol, center
Third row from top, third frame from left: Diane Viera, left.

"Bottom row- third frame- this could be Gerard Liddle- performer who appeared under "Frankie Lymon's nephew and the drugged adults." He actually was Frankie Lymon's nephew.....[FL was] a child star and had the hit 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love?'

- thank you,  Florian Michel.



Roll 12-16A

ROll 12-2A

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