In June, August,September and October 1984, Diana Mara Henry frequented the Lower East Side Gallery openings. Please email us if you recognize the folks in these photos. Scans of image (for personal display only and not for reproduction publication or distribution) will be sent in thanks for photo id's. And see collection of ephemera here! All photographs Copyright © 1977 Diana Mara Henry /
No reproduction or distribution without written permission of the photographer.

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14A: Cy Ross, left, and Baird Jones ; 11A: "Katze" , and "the girl in the back, with her hair tied in a scarf, is Lisa, who was John Lurie's girlfriend, at least in the Club Mund days," 25 A and 26 A and 18A(?) Donald Baechler.." Thank you, Florian Michel!

Steven Style reminds me ( 2/13/19) the Game Show was held at his Sensory Evolution Gallery on East 5th St...."we eventually moved from 6th Street to a much larger space on East 13th Street. Also, due to our success in the East Village we opened a SoHo branch of Sensory Evolution." Congrats and thank you, Steven!


Kim Keever

Photograph Copyright © 1984 Diana Mara Henry