Congresswoman Patsy Mink of Hawaii

First National Women's Conference
Patsy Mink (1927-) received her law degree from the University of Chicago law school. Alongside a lectureship at the University of Hawaii from 1952 to 1981, Mink began her political career in the 1950s when she held positions in the Hawaiian House of Representatives and Senate. From 1965-1977 and again in 1990 she was elected as a Democratic Representative to Congress. In 1965, Mink became the first non-white woman member of the House of Representatives. Her career as a Representative for Hawaii is notable for her sponsorship in 1967 of the first bill proposing extensive childcare reforms and for her cosponsorship of the successful Title IX in the 1970s which introduced the requirement of sex equality in federally-funded education. See Mankiller, Reader's Companion, p. 123; the Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress.
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