Bella Abzug and Jimmy Carter

Bella Abzug and Jimmy Carter at the White House East Room, March 22, 1978 with members of the President's Commission on International Women's Year, presenting their official report, The Spirit of Houston, to the President from the First National Women's Conference. Bella was fired shortly thereafter, and replaced by Midge Costanza, standing next to Rosalynn Carter. Bella Abzug, Presiding Officer, and members of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year (NCOIWY) submitted the official conference report, The Spirit of Houston, to President Carter on March 22, 1978 at a White House ceremony. The report's introductory letter from Abzug stressed her hope that the recommendations of the NWC would be acted upon. President Carter fired Abzug from her position as head of the NCOIWY successor organization the following year due to her insistent demands for presidential action on NWC recommendations.
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