Andre manuscript account of his career.

Page 4... to be part of the English I.S.
(Intelligence Service)
I was taken in hand by the
head of the IS French section of
the I.S. commander Dunderdale
who had originally been part of
the British navy (commander of
a submarine)
an extraordinary man. My
superior was Mr. Thomas Green
who minded me when I was
in England.
Page 5

The English don't know my name, They knew me under the name :
André Mauric Peulevey
Born 7/11/1915
Registration number I.S. 99421
In England, I was giving training
In parachuting, I learned to code
And decode.
They found me useful enough to
Designate a radio operator for me
Meanwhile in France the network
That had helped me had been
Infiltrated and the Gestapo were waiting for me
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