Phyllis Schlafly

Head of the Stop-ERA movement, through the Eagle Forum, holds a press conference in opposition to the First National Women's Conference, Houston, 1977.
61. Born into a Catholic family in St Louis, Missouri in 1924, Phyllis Schlafly's academic abilities were nurtured largely at Sacred Heart institutions. In her later years. Schlafly noted that her parents encouraged her higher education and supported her acceptance of an undergraduate scholarship to attend Maryville College, a Sacred Heart school. She finished her undergraduate work at Washington University in St Louis and proceeded to Radcliffe on a Whitney Fellowship where she received a master's degree in political science. Married to John Fred Schlafly Jr. in 1949, with whom she shared anti-communist political beliefs, the ambitious Schlafly failed in her bids for election to Congress in 1952 and again in 1972. After failing to gain the Presidency of the Federation of Republican Women in 1967, Schlafly started publishing her four-page Phyllis Schlafly Report which had 50,000 subscribers by the early 1980s and was the means of communicating anti-ERA propaganda. Schlafly founded Eagle Forum in 1975 and was not surprisingly elected president. By the early 1980s the Forum boasted 50,000 members. See Peter N. Carroll, Famous in America: The Passion to Succeed (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1985), pp. 49-52; Ruth Murray Brown, For A "Christian America": A History of the Religious Right (New York: Prometheus Books, 2002), pp. 48-49, 52-53.
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