NY Glenford School Teacher and Student reunion

Teacher, Miss Maroon,(Victoria Maroon Owen) is fourth from right, sitting on the old merry-go-round also photographed empty. She died a few weeks later. The one-room school of Ulster County, NY is now a firehouse. Exhibit available. Former students, left to right: Marion DeMais DuBois, David DeGRaff, Lauren Stoutenburg, Alberta Stoutenbug Smith, Dorothy Gray Rowe, Griffen Stoutenburg, Grant Stoutenburg and Sarah Moore Faribairn. "During the war years, Rowe recalled, students were asked to bring a piece of fruit to school The teacher appointed a daily committee whose task it was to create a fruit salad for all. That way the poorer children got some, too. Look closely...the teacher's holding an apple." ( from the cover photo caption. by Geddy Sveikauskas in Ulster Magazine, Winter, '87)
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