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More of Doug sharing with Meade, below....

Doug Ireland was Bella Abzug's campaign manager when Neal Boenzi for the NY Times took the photo of him, below and uncropped at the preceding link. On the bulletin board behind him he has posted the photo in which Diana Mara Henry captured him and a mentor, Meade Esposito, at the New Democratic Coalition nominating convention, 1973. "I got a chuckle out of the pix of me and that marvelous old rascal Meade," he wrote to DMH on 12/10/2010.




Uncredited use of Diana Mara Henry's photograph in an email blast sent out by Geto & de Milly on 3/20/14:

"Hi Diana- this is the e mail invite I received. Is it your photo? I don't see any credit!" - 3/20/14

"I did get the invite. Same one you sent me. Sorry about the lack of a credit" -3/21/14

Amazing that a firm with pretensionslike Geto & de Milly can't get it right or make it right.

Doug and Bella actually paid me for my work back in the day,

to their honor and mine for photographing them!

"Thanks, Diana dear ! That's a great photo of Bella -- but in fact I loved all your photos!
Je t'embrasse, xoxo Doug" -5/2/2012

See "An evening with Bella" for lots of DMH's ephemera of her campaigns,

including a letter signed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

Doug Ireland, Scott Stringer, Bella Abzug and Harold Holzer

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How I wish I had sent the letter below to Doug, so many years ago...I was so unsure of my work...And the person who added "they merely suggest what could be done" wasn't much help!


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Doug Ireland and Peggy Kerry,at a Bob Wagner Jr. campaign event, from a contact sheet

Who's the other man? Email us please!


Doug works the crowd at the NDC....

Who's the other man? Email us please!


Doug Ireland with Mark Green at the New Democratic Coalition Nominating Convention 1976.

Who's the other man? Email us please!


Who's the other man? Email us please!


Who's the other man? Email us please!



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With Upper East Side Democratic District Leader Kenneth Mills- Thanks for the ID, John S!


Miss you!

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