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Ted Kennedy and Eunice Shriver

As a photographer whose images of Sargent Shriver, his nomination with the family nearby, his oratory and the excitement of the crowds were used by the McGovern-Shriver campaign in 1972, it was an honor to create a tribute on my website. A fond farewell to Sarge and my condolences to the family.

Diana Mara Henry

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Senator Edward Kennedy at the Democratic National Convention, Miami Beach, 1972, photographed by Diana Mara Henry and interpreted for the digital canvas by Rudy Vogel, 2009. Photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry and Rudy Vogel.See our digital gallery for more images of celebrities like this one.



Two more photographs of Senator Edward Kennedy taken from below the podium - see photo on the main DMH Spotlight page of Bill Clinton standing nearby. Photographs Copyright © 1972 Diana Mara Henry. Email us for permission to reproduce.

After the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, a "mini-convention" was held in Washigton, DC to nominate Sargent Shriver as the Vice-Presidential running mate for George McGovern, replacing Senator Thomas Eagleton, whose mental health history had surfaced and jeopardized his candidacy. Diana Mara Henry photographed Eunice Shriver in D.C. at that time and took many photographs of Sargent Shriver on the campaign trail after that. All photographs Copyright ©1972 Diana Mara Henry. Pease Email for use.

This photograph won a Newsweek-Konica focus on Politics prize, for 1972.

"Wow!! [Belated] Congratulations, Diana, on the award. I must say, as soon as I saw it, I loved it -- and I've seen many pictures of Sarge -- but this one is definitely one of the very best.

Thank you, again, for your kindness in sending it to us [along with all the other fabulous shots.]"

(Shriver staffer, 2010-many thanks!)

Photographs Copyright © 1972 Diana Mara Henry. Email us for permission to reproduce.



At a rally in Queens toward the end of the campaign, Sargent Shriver is swept along by an adulatory crowd. Sargent Shriver addressing a Harlem rally in 1972, and at his nomination for running mate to George McGovern in Washington, DC.

Farewell, Sarge!                    

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