DMH Spotlight - Stayin'Alive: The 1970's and the Last Days of the Working Class by Jefferson Cowie Back

The New Press 2010 book by Jefferson Cowie, Associate Professor of history at Cornell University, uses photographs by Diana Mara Henry, as seen on this page.

"There is absolutely fantastic stuff there. You were really at the center of a lot of incredible action! I loved the women workers collection, too.

I think there is a book here that could contain narrative, your photos, and documents fragments like you have in the women workers collection.

Thanks for sharing your work (and allowing me to publish it)." -jc 3/25/2011

From the dustjacket: "Prizewinning historian Jefferson Cowie's edgy and incisive book - part political intrigue, part labor history, with large doses of American music, film, and TV lore - reveals America's fascinating and little understood path from the rising incomes and optimism of the New Deal to the widening economic inequalities and deflated expectations of the present."
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