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MS magazine office press conference, January 1979, in solidarity with Bella Abzug after Abzug’s dismissal by President Carter from the chairmanship of the National Advisory Committee on Women. Left to right:
Laurie Junguert, Phyllis Chesler, Koryne Horbal, Maggie Peyton, Ariel Chesler as a babe in arms, and Bea Kreloff. See this photograph in the Du Bois Library collection of Diana Mara Henry's life's work:


Ariel Chesler
Attorney, Blogger
Letter to an Older Feminist Who Happens to Be Named Phyllis Chesler Who Happens to Be My Mom
Posted: 09/30/2013

"I have always self-identified as a feminist. And that's because you were one; it was family tradition. Over the years I made a conscious choice to embrace feminist principles.

But, mom, now I truly get it. I understand who you are and how you became a leader of women. It has all come together in your latest book, An American Bride in Kabul, in which you tell us your feminism origin story.....

MOM: I thank you for telling your origin story. I thank you for surviving Kabul. I thank you for birthing me and becoming a mother of the women's movement. And, I thank you for teaching me to love women.


I call myself a feminist too. I accept the role of Amazon Knight, and will carry your words into battle with me, along with a banner bearing a scarlet letter F.


Love,Your son, Ariel"


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