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Yours truly and Jeannette Watson Sanger are at frame #7A, bottom left, above...Others in these photographs are:

Jan Coles and Thomas Lee Jones

Kathy Johnson and Harry Platt

Rosina and Walter Channing

Allison Simmons and Ulrich Colsman-Fryberger

Bartle Bull and Justine Cushing

Freddy Eberstadt and Kathy Johnson

Jeannette Watson and Walter Channing

Jane Stanton Hitchcock and William Hitchcock

Jacqueline Bograd

George Beane and Justine Cushing

Anthony Haden-Guest and Justine Cushing

Jay Gunther

Clay Alexander and Jeannette Watson

Steve Mazoh and Rosina Channing

Stephen Mazoh and Walter Channing

Lucinda Watson

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By the way, there's yours truly taking a break from her duties, at # 20 and 20A....

For other cohorts, check out the East Village Art Scene or the Vietnam Veterans pages to find your own, or do some sleuthing on the Subject List...                                  

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