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Doug and Diana

Diana Mara Henry arrived at the JFK Library without credentials early in the morning of October 20th, with her dear friend Douglas Matthews who had probably incited her to do the reportage.
Doug at JFK

Co-Author of The Almanac of American Politics and fellow alum of the Harvard Crimson, he had in 1975 conjured a Boston Magazine assignment for her to shoot the Bicentennial at Lexington and Concord of " the shot heard 'round the world."  These are scanned from contact sheets, for your amusement....

Hand Drawn Map

As you can see from the hand-drawing of the seating arrangements handed out to the press, those were more innocent, less hi-tech times.
Memo to Press






All PHotographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry. Scroll down below contact sheets for more enlargements of dignitaries and near-dignitaries....


Contact sheet #3

Contact sheet #2

Contact Sheet




















Doug, what are you doing up on the roof?

Below: Contact Sheet 1 (Click for a close up). Jimmy Carter

Not bad for the gal with no credentials! A Secret Service dude guards Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter at the opening of the JFK LIbrary, October 20, 1979
Jimmy Carter Speaks

The President, just barely managing to keep their attention: from left: Caroline and JFK Jr., Mrs. Aristotle Onassis, (unknown) Lady Bird Johnson, Senator Ted Kennedy, his long-suffering wife Joan, and Rosalyn Carter behind the podium. 


Who are the cool cats? George Soros? and...?
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