DMH Spotlight - Noel Mapstead and friends Back

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Before the days of computers, business letters were not so perfect. Diana Mara Henry and Noel Mapstead met thanks to Dale McConathy and the Visual Arts Administration Masters Program at NYU that DMH was enrolled in.


A merry trio: Steve Kaplan, Noel Oard Mapstead, and Kim Keever. Meanwhile, in the streets to the north,

Dinner at the Mapstead loft: from left: Diana Mara Henry, Steve Kaplan, Jerry Ordover, Richard Hambleton,

Noel Oard Mapstead at near right

Later on...back in Carmel, CA...saving Hatton Canyon from a freeway...

and Talking with Andy at the Pacific Grove Art Center





Hatton Canyon remains wild.

Photographs Copyright © Diana Mara Henry

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