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In 1974, Diana Mara Henry photographed a demonstration at the NY Times for the use of the term MS. As was the case for most of her coverage of the women's movement, she assigned herself this coverage for history as "Photographers write history, too!" (DMH) At bottom of this page are links to some of the historic documents she collected at the scene, including press releases about the NY Times gender-biased coverage and treatment of women on their staff, including from the Feminist Majority Also please scroll downw for the rest of the4/6/2017 NY Times article about the process which let to the Ny Times finally using the term MS in 1986..

The NY Times does not publish corrections...just a small Editor's Note indicated the use of the term MS, twelve years after it entered the dictionary and 15 years after the publication of the first issue of MS Magazine. See more of the 2017 NY Times article and 1974 press releases, below...


Abe Rosenthal, mentioned in the article,above, and the demonstrators who greeted him:



The demonstration actually featured an arrest, below...

Who is the woman arrested and being put in a patrol car? Sign behind her reads: "We've come to M-ess the Times"



 The links below are to the historic press releases from the demonstrators in the

Diana MAra Henry: Twentieth century Photographer Spcial collection at U Mass Amherst.

below is the Press release for the demonstration against sexism in the New York Times


Among the groups demonstrating against sexism at the NY Times, March 8, 1974 were the National Organization for Women, Manhattan Women's Political Caucus, Women's Equity Actiona League, National Black Feminists Organization, Women's Media Alliance and the Feminist Party.

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