DMH Spotlight - From Brattle Street to Fiscal Times: Diana Mara Henry's portrait of Daniel Patrick Moynihan Back

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Nick Bhardwaj
Channel Manager | The Fiscal Times
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Photograph Copyright © 1967 Diana Mara Henry

Probably Diana Mara Henry's second assignment for the Harvard Crimson competition for Photo Editors, Winter-Spring semester, 1967. Her first assignemnt, also a portrait of a professor, had started with DMH clicking off a few shots before the gentlemanly professor pointed to her Leica and told her she should remove the lenscap. So for this assignement, she checked out the Crimson's loaner Nikon... But when she explained to Moynihan that she was not working too quickly because she had never handled one before, he seemed to exhibit a bit of annoyance at having been sent a rookie to make his portrait. Still he was friendly and pointed out his window to Brattle Street (not being a tenured Professor but a Visiting dignitary, he had uncommon digs) and told her that he liked watching the girls in their mini skirts from that vantage point. And offered her some jelly beans.

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