DMH Spotlight -Crimson feature articles and photographs by Diana Mara Henry '69 Back


With an eye to future employment, thinking it might be useful after college to have done SOME writing as well as photography, Diana Mara Henry wrote and illustrated a couple of feature articles for the harvard CRIMSON, where she was Photo Editor, 1967-1969. In fact this was the case, as she applied for reporter at the Staten Island Advance, with "samples"  of her work. Les Trautman, beloved General Manager, probably knew exactly what she was up to, but offered her the job. Diana remembers standing speechless, receiver in hand, at his offer of $100 per week. When he  didn't hear her say anything, he upped the salary offer to $110...Done! She had her first newspaper job and had negotiated a raise, all in one baffling and dazzling moment of joy.
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