DMH Spotlight - Amnesty International Tribute to Sean MacBride, May 19, 1975 Back

Sean MacBride, Founder of Amnesty International and its chariman from 1961-1974, winner of the Nobel Peace prize, 1974, is honored at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine's Synod House on May 19, 1975.Joan Baez provided the songs.

Ginette Sagan of Amnesty International and Joan Baez

Also honored were the prisoners of conscience, introduced by Ginetta Sagan: Orlando Letelier, imprisoned in Chile, 1973-1974 or Sergio Bitar,imprisoned in Chile, 1973-1974 ;Pavel Litvinov, exiled to Siberia, 1968-1972; and Edison Zvobogo, imprisoned in Rhodesia 1963-1971.


Diana Mara Henry photographed the AIUSA honorees and attendees, including Jerzy Kosinski, whom she had met at the Allard Lowensteins a couple of years before; stewart Mott, Lauren Bacall, George Plimpton, Paul O'Dwyer, Professor George Wald, and many more.

Jerzy Kosinski at Amnesty International 1975 tribute dinner.

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Rt. Rev.Paul Moore, Jr.

Sean MacBride and Joan Baez

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