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Even if Madame Louis hadn't been caught with massive documentation about Network 31/Georges France ( see her information as given to the Germans, below) , and even if he had not gotten involved with the Le Tacs, who were betrayed by Victoire, he would have been betrayed by the pilots identified in these documents from the files at KEW as working for the Germans: Edgar, Jouffret, and or Kiffer. Probably one or more were the men he describes connecting with in a café in Rennes in October, 1941 when he was seeking aother connection to England….But he probably was eventually betrayed from all three directions. The evidence from Madame Louis is in her German trial documents, identified as 31 AQ, Martin, etc…The evidence about Victoire and the pilots, from the National Archives at Kew file, is here in files KV-2-926 and 931. In the above document, Turquoise is André,

For more on Mathilde Carré: The Second World War’s ‘exceedingly dangerous woman’read David Tremani's Double Agent Victoire

Below are documents from Madame Louis's trial by the Germans in late 1942, a year after her arrest in october 1941, with "Vaste documentation" both on her and her paramour Pierre Gontier and later more massive documentation found at their abodes..



Here's "important agent" interpreter André Peulevey and Martin who was André also..

The second half of the page lists his contributions to the British, as she described it to the Germans.



We read that André had fabricated for her at least two sets of fake id's -here for her and her paramour in the name of Monsieur and Madame Perrin....


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