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André's family and friends share these treasures in anticipation of a wonderful book of André's memoirs to be published by Mazo. Email us to reserve your advance copy and let us know how to inscribe it....! .



Max and daughter Mady, André's sister, before Max took her to the US and married her to cousin, in 1940...

Max and Regina Scheinmann, Madeleine and André / Joseph Scheinmann



Max Scheinmann and Regina Thorn Scheinmann, André's parents, in a last couple of happy moments before being taken to their death in Auschwitz. Although Max established numerous family members in the US and Palestine, he was unable to obtain shelter for himself and his wife. Below the mendacious State Dept. letter that assured their fate was sealed, although their daughter was married to her cousin,to whom the letter is addressed,and both lived in the US.

Some good times before the war: André (center) with his cousins, above, and in a formal group, below.

Claire Jarrett (née Diment) back row, second from right as an RAF Intelligence Service operative, had an amazing story of her own. Below, radiant after meeting André in Paris after the war.

Coming to America




André and Claire in Arosa

Thank you to Michel for these wonderful photographs!

André with Michel, Claire with Michel

Michel with André and Claire at graduation from Phillips Academy at Andover.


Michel and Brigitte

André remained in the French Army reserves while he lived in the US and became a US citizen; here he tastes soup, on the left, during a time of service at Camp Drum, NY. Please email us with your comments and to order copies of the book, and schedule a talk to your organization!
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