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Now - November 2020 - as part of this book: a historical essay (August 2020), by Tim Austin (Dr T B Austin) with Diana Mara Henry, of the Georges France, Groupe 31 network, one of the very first SIS-supported Resistance in France networks, and of its dynamic leader, Madame Louis, very possibly the first woman to create and head a significant Resistance network.


To follow will be an analysis and appreciation of the war service record of  Claire Dyment Scheinmann, nominally in the WAAF but serving as a linguist in the British Y-Service under control of Bletchley Park and the SIS.  


These sections will be transmitted separately to you along with a link for viewing an hour-long interview in French and in English of André about his experiences witth Professor Mel Yoken, Emeritus, of U Mass Dartmouth and Mrs. Cynthia Yoken



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