DMH Spotlight - André Peulevey pseudo Le Neveu at the Plaza Athenée Back

Less than a month after his liberation from Dachau on April 21, André was issued on May 18, 1945 this official id-

Fiche de Renseignments Concernant un Agent Déporté et Repatrié

by order of Capitaine Liger, Chef du Service de la France Combattante.

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The "adresse où se retire l'intéressé" is given as "27 Avenue Montaigne chez Monsieur Paul"...

Paul Bougeneaux seen below when he was Concierge and about to become General Manager.

The address of 27 Avenue Montaigne is that of the Plaza Athénée. Taken over by the Germans during the occupation, it was an American HQ at the end of the war, and the restored to the fabulous property it is today.

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