Here is my office, in back of my gallery where I spend all my waking ( and some very sleepy ) hours napping as well as writing, researching, working as a classroom aide and selling online..

I share bathrooms off the hallway of the restaurant next door, across a hallway connecting the restaurant's dining room and kitchen to its restrooms for staff and customers,

storage and closets, supply room at the end of the hall, and stairs to the back entrance. Not only are these very public ( and congested) thoroughfares, but the door from

my office to the hallway has large gaps as do the back wall of the office that lets light and air through to the supply room where staff go frequently to replenish or store items.

You can also see the ventilation openings throughout the gallery space and the office in back, which have not been in use through the baseboard heating season but will be coming online

with AC that I assume, since I have no access to the thermostat  and until can be determined otherwise, is central AC with air circulating through both businesses ( maybe including the one downstairs. ) 


I mostly work at my desk to the left next to the front door -in the distance of this photo and that you see below.

You can see that, from the street, the gallery shares an entry with the restaurant. Here is the ceiling over my desk.


The ceiling fixtures in the gallery include bladed fans for circulating the air and the vents for central AC.


In the back of the gallery curtains separate an office and storage area, small kitchen and a place to rest.

It contains my filing cabinets, copy machine and supplies.


In addition to the ceiling vents for central AC, there are large room- length openings between the top of the back wall and the storage room for the restaurant on the other side of the wall..




 There is a passage way between the kitchen area and the back door leading to the shared hallway bathrooms and back exit. Here's looking back to the office from that door.


There are large gaps at the top and bottom of the back door leading onto the restaurant hallway where the bathrooms are.




Above, looking to the right to the door into the kitchen and restaurant area, and to the left, down the hallway to the restaurant storage room and shared exit.


There is a bathrom right across from my gallery/office back door and another one further down the hall. The photo below looks from the first bathroom back at my office door across the hall.



From the other bathroom, looking back to my office door on right and the restaurant door, which is open when the restaurant is running, and looking the other way to the back exit and storeroom for the restaurant.



Storeroom on left for the restaurant which the gaps in back wall of my office open onto, and top landing of staircase to back exit.

Looking up and down the back exit staircase.

Thank you for your consideration.